We are Tri Caraidean

Welcome to the random world of three best friends! What do you do when you reach adulthood and your best friends are all in different locations and all doing different things? Why you start a blog of course! Us girls met in middle school and turned inseparable during high school. Together we survived the drama of our teen years and watched each other's backs during the craziness that is college. A sisterhood has blossomed between the three of us and we became more of a family than just simple friends. Even our name stemmed from our background and our friendship. We are Tri Caraidean, Gaelic for three friends.


With each of us missing each other and hating the distance between us we decided that starting a blog. For us, it's a way to bridge that distance and stay connected while also providing others with entertainment, advice, ideas and more. After all, life should be able sharing in the experience, not keeping it to yourself. 


Our goal here is to show others advice, food, travel, fashion, or to generalize it - life style. If we can make the mistakes for you and guide others through life, then we're doing your job. ​

love always

Breanna, Christine, & Samantha



I'm Breanna, or "Bre" if that tickles your fancy! If you're curious about me, I'm a girl with many titles due to many loves. I'm a soon to be wifey, artist, mommy to three beautiful fur babies, food enthusiast, gamer, and now a lifestyle blogger too. Additionally, I may be slightly (cough - very) addicted Pinterest and ice cream. 


I wanted to start this blog initially to stay connected with my friends but also to have the chance to share some tips, tricks, advice and more with others. I went to school for art education and have this strange desire to share my knowledge and I thought that blogging would be perfect.


It should go without saying that I'm thrilled you're here! I hope you find us entertaining and maybe a little educational too.


love always,





Hola! Yo soy taco!  

Everyone has at least one friend that they can only describe as weird. I am that friend (as you may have seen from my greeting above). The name is Christine, or Chrissy for short. I am a licensed teacher looking for a job. I am a strange one indeed, as I am a big fan of singing what I say, and will randomly break into dance (especially if I am in front of a classroom). I love to make people smile and laugh, which attests to my weirdness. 


I am not sure what else to put here. I guess just ask if there is anything else you want to know about me personally. I hope you enjoy your time on our blog. We'll try to update regularly and keep you entertained!


forever and always,






Hi there! 

I’m Samantha, but also go by Sammie or Sam. I am a Coast Guard wife, substitute teacher, and a house cleaner. You take what jobs you can get when you are a military wife! I have a degree in Geography, which seems pretty random these days. If I had to describe myself, I would say that I'm a tree huggin, people lovin dork. My fault in life: I care too much. Way too much. I'm a sensitive person and probably always will be. My bragging point: I’m super easy to get along with. I can strike up a conversation with just about anyone.


Having to move for the military is hard. Very hard. I miss my besties dearly, along with my family. This blog is a great way for me to not only keep busy, but to stay connected with my loved ones. Between the three of us girls, I hope you can find something on here that provides entertainment, inspiration, insight, or humor.


Hey, if I've brightened someone's day even a little, I call that a win :)


happy blogging,